Best dressed of the week: so many Ashleys!!

Here are a few of my few favorite outfits of the week, seen on celebs either at events of on the street. And there is a Ashley on all the pics featured. I realized that right before posting; didn’t do it on purpose. Pretty cool.

Ashley’s whole outfit is just so cute and colourful that you can only love it.

Completely in love with Minka’s tie-dyed jeans. As for Ashley, gotta love the bag.

Leather skirts are always a must! As for the shirt, you did pretty great Ashley!

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The Orphan’s Arms

The Orphan’s arms is a kick-ass London based clothing brand that I just found out about. They get inspired by Old Times and litterature classics. Kinda cool. If you’re interested in this brand, check their website here.

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Music Monday: Call me, maybe?

Today’s music monday features some of my obsession songs of the moment, the top one being “Call Me, Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. Don’t judge me. I love it.

My Crush of the moment: the amazing boys from One Direction and their amazing song in which they tell me how beautiful I am! You KNOW they’re talking about me!

Then a Kelly song about learning from your mistakes etc. INSPIRING STUFF!

This kick-ass song by Train – the guys are genius!

And ok this last one is really old – but I never said it was new stuff, just my current obsessions!!!

Songs listed:
– “Call me maybe” – Carly Rae Jepsen
– “What Makes You Beautiful” – One Direction
– “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” – Kelly clarkson
– “Drive By” – Train
– “Heart Skips a Beat” – Olly Murs

Spread the love and have a good music-filled week!

Happy Puppy Day!

Out of the things I like most in live, puppies rank in the Top5! Yesterday (march, 23rd) was Puppy’s National Day (in the US I guess) but I didn’t have time to post anything. So here is a compilation of pictures of these adorable creatures; I found the pictures on various websites (read: google) – i don’t own anything! Enjoy the cutness!


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It’s a new moon, time to cut your hair!

Last summer, I decided I wanted a complete change for my hair. I always have pretty long hair, so I went for a long bob. For about 5 minutes, I was supper happy. No, seriously, I thought it looked amazing right after the hairdresser, but then I didn’t know how to take care of my hair, how to brush it or dress it to make the bob look good. So it just looked like horrible short hair and I would keep it in a short ponytail all the time. Particularly after a few months/weeks, when it became too long to be a real bob and too short to be really pretty (on me, at least!). So as always, I started to say “Never again!”, “I want my long hair back!”, “Whenever I feel bored with my traditional long wavy hair, I will have to remember this day and stick with my hair”. Since then, I’ve taken extra care of my hair to make sure I have it long for this summer. Right now it’s reasonnably long, and i’m hoping I get the length I love for summer (a little lower than mid-back).

Why takes us to today. Today is march, 22nd. Today is a New Moon (make a joke about this wonderful twilight book if you want!). I’ve been told that a new moon is the perfect moment to cut your hair / your endings to make your hair grow faster afterward. I’m not quite sure I belive in this kind of things but it wouldn’t hurt to do it. Besides, since I haven’t cut my hair since this terrible Bob-day last june, I knew that cutting my endings could only be good.

So here I did it. I will keep you updated if my hair decides to grow a few inches overnight! In the meantime, if you’re also willing to have longer hair, follow the bet and cut your endings! ;)

Spread the love and get this pair of scissors! Now!