StyleMint Live!

I just got this e-mail invitation to the StyleMint Live show on Friday! I think it’s so exciting. It will be hosted by WWW’s Hillary Kerr and Mary-Kate will also be here. Special guests include:

Gucci Westman
Global Artistic Director of Revlon

Rachel Zoe
Stylist and Designer

Erica Domesek
P.S. – I Made This…

Tracey Lomrantz
Glamour Magazine Editor

It will take place on Friday, 20th from 9am to 12PM EST. RSVP (and find more infos) here on their website.

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The Orphan’s Arms

The Orphan’s arms is a kick-ass London based clothing brand that I just found out about. They get inspired by Old Times and litterature classics. Kinda cool. If you’re interested in this brand, check their website here.

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The coolest Hunger Games merchandise

In exactly one week, I will be in my theater watching the Hunger Games – yes be jealous all of you american people who will have to wait until friday! Anyway, I’m very excited about this because the Hunger Games has been my favorite book series for at least 16 months (read: I’m so much cooler than you who read it last month when hearing about the movie!!). In order to celebrate this one week countdown, I gathered the 5 coolest merchandise items for the movie – not that I would seriously buy any of them … I think?!

#05 is … Teams Gale tee-shirt
Yes I am team Gale because I am better than you. I just always have a thing for the underrated gorgeous one that never gets the girl. And I also have something for whoever/whatever is less popular because I hate doing what the rest of the population does. Anyway, whether you’re team Gale or team Peeta, who doesn’t love a nice shipping war? Just kidding … not!

#04 is … the Mockingjay pin

Way to feel like Katniss. Let’s face it, you’re not kick-ass enough to go fuck everyone up with your amazing bow so you will just seat here all proud because your mockingjay pin is looking fierce!

#03 is … The Hunger Games soundtrack
Everyone loves music and there is pretty good one on this CD. You are all completely addicted with Swift’s “Safe and Sound” by now, but there’s also some Maroon 5 etc. What’s not to love?

#02 is … “May the odds” tee-shirt
This one is GENIUS. Not only is it funny, but it’s also a super inside-joke that only the cool people who’ve read the book will understand. I love it. I can already picture myself wearing it and a cute boy would pass by, wink at me and say “Hi Katniss” before leaving – awww. cool program!

#01 is … China Glaze THG nailpolish
This one is definitely my favorite. I would/will actually buy them (as fun as I find the other items listed here, I would never really consider buying them, I’d rather save up for a Chanel bag). Anyway, I love China Glaze in general but their THG nailpolish are awesome. They have super cool names too, such as “dress me up” or “foie gras” (this might be my fav name!). Yeah, you should buy them!

Spread the love and feel the excitation for the movie growing inside you!