It’s a new moon, time to cut your hair!

Last summer, I decided I wanted a complete change for my hair. I always have pretty long hair, so I went for a long bob. For about 5 minutes, I was supper happy. No, seriously, I thought it looked amazing right after the hairdresser, but then I didn’t know how to take care of my hair, how to brush it or dress it to make the bob look good. So it just looked like horrible short hair and I would keep it in a short ponytail all the time. Particularly after a few months/weeks, when it became too long to be a real bob and too short to be really pretty (on me, at least!). So as always, I started to say “Never again!”, “I want my long hair back!”, “Whenever I feel bored with my traditional long wavy hair, I will have to remember this day and stick with my hair”. Since then, I’ve taken extra care of my hair to make sure I have it long for this summer. Right now it’s reasonnably long, and i’m hoping I get the length I love for summer (a little lower than mid-back).

Why takes us to today. Today is march, 22nd. Today is a New Moon (make a joke about this wonderful twilight book if you want!). I’ve been told that a new moon is the perfect moment to cut your hair / your endings to make your hair grow faster afterward. I’m not quite sure I belive in this kind of things but it wouldn’t hurt to do it. Besides, since I haven’t cut my hair since this terrible Bob-day last june, I knew that cutting my endings could only be good.

So here I did it. I will keep you updated if my hair decides to grow a few inches overnight! In the meantime, if you’re also willing to have longer hair, follow the bet and cut your endings! ;)

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Blog Crush of the Week: The Beauty Department

Check out TBD tutorial for a beautiful braided bun.

I visit the Beauty Department everyday because it’s such a cool, informative website. If you don’t know about it yet, it’s a website created by Lauren Conrad, her hairdresser Kristin Ess and her make-up artist Amy Nadine. Everyday, they share with you their best tips for the latest trendy make-up or hairstyle. They also share the best manucures and tips on what make-up/hairstyle to wear with this or that outfit. Not to mention that they often try to make giveaways for you people.Tips from professional beauty gurus that happen to be adorable on the top of it? I say yes!

Another of my favorite tutorials? A classic fishtail braid with Lauren!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

picture credit: glittergraphicnow

I am no american and unfortunately I am not celebrating Thanksgiving today – I wish! – but I wanted to wish all my american friends and readers (yeah ok let me believe 5 minutes that I have readers!!) a very happy Thanksgiving.

First of all, I would like to tell those of you who might have a GetGlue account to check-into anything (or the Macy’s parade) to unlock exclusive stickers. It’s not much about the stickers but more about the fact that for each check-in, Aflac is giving $1 for Childhood Cancer charities (up to $1,000,000 but we’re still VERY far from that). It’s a great cause – and very dear to me – and all you have to do is check-in. Sounds like an easy way to do something really positive and good today, right?


But who says Thanksgiving also says: major food intake. I know you’re feeling guilty. I feel it too. No, I’m not celebrating Thanksgiving. Yes, I did ate that chocolate telling myself it was totally allright because today was Thanksgiving. You said “lame excuse”?! I know. But whatever. If you’re actually celebrating Thanksgiving, it is totally normal to indulge. I mean, yes to eating ealthy but if we can’t even eat that yummy food on Thanksgiving and Christmas, what are we left with?

Still, that doesn’t mean we want to gain 1 or 2 extra pounds just in one day. This is why I searched the internet for you, looking for some of the best posts by our dear trainers/fitness gurus … and try to see what they told us to do to face the huge calories intake. So follow me. The girls at ToneItUp give you the 7 secrets to safe splurging (you see?! It’s ok to splurge sometimes, even certified trainers say it!). Women’s Health Magazine shares with you their amazing Thanksgiving workout that burns calories … FAST! Last but not least, if it comes to baking a pie for tonight, Shape compares pies so you can go with the healthiest/low-fat one! Enjoy!

Don’t forget: try to eat very slowly. You will feel full sooner and won’t take a second serving of that delicious yet fatty puree. Same goes with alcohol: sip slowly and try to go for wine instead of stronger alcohols.