Happy New Year

May you all have a wonderful new year filled with everything you deserve. That may be many things but never forget that family/love and health are always the most important, so I wish you a lot of that for this new year. Every of your positive actions will have a direct positive consequence so be nice, be kind, be good in 2012 and this will only bring you happiness. Much love, xx

My favorite Central Park spot to eat breakfast

This is the place where I love to come to get my breakfast. It is near the entrance when you enter near The Pier or the Apple shop. I would stop at a coffee shop, get ice-tea and a parfait or a low-fat muffin and sit at this very place on a bench. I also usually feed the birds with the end of my muffin. This is such a simple thing to do but these few minutes make me happy. Not that I get to do that often, but I try when I am in New York!

I also wanted to tell you that I’m studying for my finals that are very soon, which explains why I’m not posting much/won’t be posting much. I am sorry about that. Much love, Xx

top 15 favorite songs of 2011 and how they remind us of our favorite times of the year

15. beautiful people – chris brown ft benny benassi

14. i’m into you – jennifer lopez

13. moves like jagger – marron 5 ft christina aguilera

12. don’t hold your breath – nicole scherzinger

11. you make me feel – cobra starship

10. all of the lights – kanye west

09. titanium – sia ft david guetta

08. give me everything – ne-yo ft pitbull

07. turning tables – adele

06. little bad girl – taio cruz ft david guetta

05. party rock anthem – lmfao

04. the show goes on – lupe fiasco

03. superbass – nicki minaj

02. get back (asap) – alexandra stan

01. welcome to st tropez – dj antoine

Post-Christmas Detox: Welcome fruits and sweat

We are all in the same situation right now. We all gained 3 – if not 5 – pounds during the Christmas week-end. I you didn’t, you are a lucky bitch, therefore, we hate you.

We now have to enter the sad world which is “post-christmas: welcome back to the harsh reality”. This crual world in which it is not okay to have another plate of potatoes or eat chocolate treats like it is no big deal. Finish. Over. The end. You will now come back to your sweet plates of salad with … Salad. And a few carrots. Yummy.

Since I am a very nice person, I am gonna share with you my little tips for losing the weight you gained. It is not easy though. We will have to suffer, loves. And we promise: we will be more careful next year (sure, sure!!)

What do I drink? Green tea. It is THE best for weight loss. I also drink at least 2L of water with half a lemon juice in it. And if you are really addicted to sodas, only a little diet coke is allowed. Don’t even dare touching alcohol! I SEE YOU!

What do I eat? Vegetables with just a little bit of vegetables. And fruits. Seriously, your stomack will thank you. Smoothies are your new best friend. Mix one fat free yoghourt with half a cucumber, an ice cub and mint leaves, drink the delicious mixture and thank me later. Your new dinner will be soup. It makes you feel quite full, it is super yummy and good for your body. Need a snack? Grapefruit is my god! If you want meat, your only options are chicken and turkey. Be strong, it will be worth it.

How do I move my body? I run. Go for a run at least every two days and run as much/fast as you can. Add workouts to that run. One workout idea: 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 20 lunges, 20 jump squats (repeat 2 more times). And dance. I put on super catchy music and dance like an insane person with my sister. Not only does this burn quite a few calories but it also helps you to relax and change your mind.

Good luck babies, we can do it.

What Santa brought me for Christmas






Merry Chrismas lovelies :) I hope you had the most wonderful time with your loved ones. It is always so amazing to get to spend quality time with your family, it always makes me so happy.

Here are a few pictures of things that I got for Christmas and I’m so thankful because it’s everything that I really wanted. I got my Chanel N5 perfume, my Merlin season 3 dvds (best show!!!), Hollister cute tees, make-up, my BCBG Max Azria necklace etc. So happy :)

What about you? What did Santa bring you? Make sure to tell me in comments or share the link if you posted all your beautiful presents on your blog!