My favorite Central Park spot to eat breakfast

This is the place where I love to come to get my breakfast. It is near the entrance when you enter near The Pier or the Apple shop. I would stop at a coffee shop, get ice-tea and a parfait or a low-fat muffin and sit at this very place on a bench. I also usually feed the birds with the end of my muffin. This is such a simple thing to do but these few minutes make me happy. Not that I get to do that often, but I try when I am in New York!

I also wanted to tell you that I’m studying for my finals that are very soon, which explains why I’m not posting much/won’t be posting much. I am sorry about that. Much love, Xx

I once went to New York for the first time

Hey guys. Going through some old pictures on my computer, I saw these few pictures I had taken during my first trip to New York. Those are pictures I have taken with my phone, hence the average quality. Yet, I thought it would be nice to share them with you. Don’t worry, I have better pictures from this year to share with you another day – if I can find them again!

View of Time Square from the terrace of the hotel

5th Avenue

St Patrick’s Cathedral

Central Park

Take me there, won’t you?

Here is the list of the 10 next countries I would like to visit (only countries I’ve never been to, even though there are other trips I may do before I complete this list). I would like to travel the whole world so choosing only 10 countries was hard but they are the one I’m most looking forward to. None of the pictures are mine (obviously, since I’ve never been to any of these places – yet); they were all found on national geographic.

#10 -Australia

#09 – South Africa

#08 -India

#07 – Canada

#06 – Germany

#05 – Egypt

#04 – South Korea

#03 – China

#02 – Russia

#01 – Japan
Just looking at these pictures make me want to go so bad. I also realized that I didn’t include any south american countries … they may have not made the top 10 but I really, really want to visit them too. What about you? Any country you are particularly dying to visit?

Paris, I miss you (part1)

Totally missing home today. When you’ve been used to living in Paris, the rest of the world seems a bit dull … except if you live in New York or London maybe, which is (almost!) as fabulous. Here is a little picture of the eiffel tower that I took this summer and had on my phone. Just because I miss home today. Xo