Hey my lovelies! I’m currently in vacations (hence the lack of updates in the past two days). I thought that I would be able to update the blog from where I am but I can’t get an internet connection 99% of the time so it’s getting impossible to do so (especially with all the pics I have to upload from the Oscars). But be sure that as soon as I can, I will give you my best dressed list for the Oscars + Oscars After Parties – better late than never!

Spread the love and get ready for new updates soon ;)

5 improvements to make on my blog in 2012

I know my blog is far from perfect. But I’m already glad I started one. I have wanted to do so for so long, I had one or two in the past but I never took them seriously enough. I can feel that this is different with this one and it’s already a big step. Yet, I realize I have many more things to work out to make it a great blog and that’s what I plan to do in 2012.

01. Get a domain name. It will look even more professional and more serious. Most serious bloggers have their own domain and I really want to get mine too.

02. Total Revamp. I think my current wordpress template is cute but it does not perfectly reflect what I want for my blog and is not unique. In 2012, I want to revamp totally my blog with a new layout and a new banner (and what follows). Better hope I haven’t lost all of my html, php and photoshop skills.

03. Post more often. My goal is to post at least once a day, with barely any exceptions. I know how much the success of a blog relies on the regularity of the posting. I often don’t have the time or the inspiration to write a post everyday so that may be (one of) the hardest resolution(s) but also (one of) the most important(s).

04. More fashion. I created this blog largely to be about fashion but I haven’t featured much of it on my blog yet. That’s true and I am sorry about that. It is not easy. Sometimes I wonder how fashion bloggers post all these pictures of them – it really looks like they have someone taking the pictures of them. I don’t really have someone to do that but I will still try to post more looks.

05. Even more pictures. I have started sharing some of my pictures but this year, I will try to do that even more. I will seriously work on my pictures. I’m a terrible photographer – I actually don’t call myself a photographer – so I will work on that because good pictures are very much needed for a good blog.

So these are my goals and by this post, I certify that I will do my best to reach them.
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What are you thankful for?

I know I just posted a Thanksgiving post but isn’t the whole purpose of Thanksgiving to say what we are grateful for? We will do it but a fashion/beauty way. Let me show you “I’m so thankful for this gorgeous Max Azria necklace I bought the other day”! Of course it’s not the most important stuff, but let’s have some fun ;) “Oh and I’m also so grateful for the whole John Frieda hair products line” ;)

What are YOU thankful for? Hit me with your cool ideas!

PS: Definitely comment to share your blog with me, especially if you’re a fashion/beauty/fitness … blog. I’m new here so I don’t know many people yet but I am definitely willing to know you guys better and find a few cool blogs. So don’t hesitate: COMMENT WITH WHAT YOU’RE THANKFUL FOR AND YOUR BLOG LINK!


Put on your sequins heels!

Hi lovelies!

Welcome to my blog. I have a tumblr, I have a twitter, I have a youtube channel but I felt like it wasn’t enough because it’s not somewhere I can really blog. I want this blog to be central and my other networks to be attached to this very blog.

I will blog about fashion, tv shows, beauty, healthy cooking (or food in general), movies, cool places to go … pretty much anything that comes to my mind, or that I’ve tried and want to share with you.

I hope you will like this blog and be sure to share any idea you would have to improve it. be sure to check my presentation if you want to know a bit more about me.

Xx, Pauline