(Back) In Stock: my dream boots

I almost screamed when I saw them in the store today. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size but I checked on the website and they have it. I’m so excited. I will order them tomorrow. I had just gotten over the fact that I would never get them and here they are!!!! Okay, I know, those are not the Chloe’s, but better than nothing, right?!

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Fashion Find of the day: Absolutely wanted

These two things are my obsession altely – I wanted to buy both so bad. The make-up bag is probably the coolest you will ever find. As for the shoes, aren’t they fierce? They’re like a cheaper version of these Chloe boots everyone loves.

Mascara Pouch by Pamela Barsky ($15)

Studded boots by Zara (119€)

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Forever21 is finally in Paris. Which reminds me …

This is such a good news: Forever21 is finally opening its first store in France, in a mall not far from Paris. I’m very excited about that and cannot wait to go shopping there. I will probably go next week if I find time.

Anyway, that gets me to another (but related) topic which is that affordable stores rock. I see a lot of bloggers wearing only designers brand and it’s so hard to copy their style sometimes. It makes sense, because sometimes they earn quite a lot of money or brands offer them clothes. But not all of us can afford these designer brands.

Which is why I love brands like Forever21 or even Zara, which is a little more expensive but still very affordable. I want you all to realize that it’s ok not to wear Chanel or Chloé. You can still have a wonderful style with very cheap pieces. Actually, you can find unique amazing pieces for practically nothing. I think that even if I was super rich and could afford designer brands, I would still shop in those affordable stores because they happen to have super great stuff too. And why spending thousands of dollars on something you are only going to wear a few times, right?!

So that’s it. I just wanted to ‘thank’ those brands that make fashion affordable and express how happy I am that Forever21 opened in Paris. Even though they have horrible, cheap clothes most of the time, you can also find pretty awesome stuff!

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Sales: my favorites picks from online stores

We are probably all going crazy with the sales at that point. I decided I would share with you some of my favorite picks from online stores. Enjoy!

ZARA – Blazer (39,99€)

ZARA – Skirt (19,99€)

ZARA – Boots (79,99€)

TOPSHOP – Knitted cardigan (£25)

ASOS – Cardigan (36,34€)

ASOS – Sequined pants (45,42€)


SEPHORA – bareMINERAL (40€ in stores)

Babies, I’m sorry if some stuff is not available in your countries. All the products are from stores that are in many countries, not french stores. I also only featured products that are in sale (because you may be like me and buy everything that is not in sale during the sales, so let’s fight it!). Keep visiting my lovelies and have a great shopping session tomorrow.

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