Best dressed at the MTV Movie Awards

Already a new best dressed list! Is it my fault if several big events take place the same week? Sure not, and we are not going to complain. I will list you my top 5 as well as an honorary list for those that I love and that almost made the top.

#01 – Elizabeth Banks in an Elie Saab jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is super fierce! I am not quite sure I would feel comfortable to wear this myself (yet!) but I love actresses who dare wearing original pieces on the red carpet! This jumpsuit is very sexy thanks to lace details. It can be hard to make a jumpsuit look great and feminine, but Elie Saab’s pretty much a genius; and Elizabeth is the perfect model.

#02 – Victoria Justice in an Erin Fetherston dress

Victoria’s dress is perfect because it’s both appropriate for her age and easily copyable for us, regular teens with little money. The colours are very summerish, the cut very fresh. As I said, it’s the perfect summer evening dress, that can be worn without the belt and bracelets for more simplicity (if you’re at the beach for example).

#03 – Jenna Dewan-Tatum in a Lublu dress

This dress is very sexy but Jenna is so pretty and classy that she can pull it off. The cut of the dress is original which is why I love it so much. Needless to mention that mint is THE colour of the summer so Jenna got it all right!

#04 – Kristen Stewart in a Guishem dress

Kristen always surprises us with unusual prints. This time was no exception. The yellow, purple and silverish colours work really well together. Once again, Kristen proves us that she masters the unconventional “mini”.

#05 – Leighton Meester in a Christian Cota ensemble

It wouldn’t be honest to say that I always agree with Leighton’s fashion picks. Yet, there is no denying that the girl knowns what she’s doing. The girly suit has been a recurrent trend on the red carpet: Leighton tranformed it to be summer-appropriate. Carrot pants became shorts, the blazer lost its sleeves and Leighton added prints and colours with her shirt. I strongly approve.

Honorary list

Shailene Woodley – Kate Beckinsale – Kristen Prout

Louise Roe – Emma Stone – Emma Watcon

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Best dressed at the Kids’ Choice Awards

Hey! Here are some of my favorite looks from the Kids’ Choice Awards this week-end. The palm goes to Selena Gomez, who looked stunning in her Dolce Gabana ensemble! Very sexy and gorgeous! But when you take a look at the other girls, the trend seemed to be “blue”. Good thing because I love it! How pretty did Kristen Stewart look?

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Today’s Victoria Justice’s birthday: let’s take a look at her style.

First, Happy Birthday Victoria. Victoria Justice is an actress that I really like because of what a great inspiration to kids/teens she is. Only by reading her tweets you can see that she is a down-to-earth, sweet, caring persons. This is rare nowadays – gotta give credit where it’s due. Anyway, the girl also has style. Since it’s her birthday, I thought it was the occasion to go back on my favorite red carpet looks of her with comments for each! Let’s go!

Hollywood Style Awards 2010 – This dress was gorgeous.It sparkles so basically, it was already enough for me. But it’s also classy (thanks to the cleavage-shoulder fabric-thing), yet super sexy.

American Idol Season 9 Finale – This is such a cute dress and totally one that I’d wear. I have a very similar one actually. I was obsessed with this trend (still am, very much actually). It’s fresh, young, simple. In a word, it fits her perfectly. The shoes, which are gorgeous (i want the same!), are the perfect finale touch to the outfit!

26th Annual Artistos Awards – I’m completely in love with this dress. How classy is it?! I love roll-neck clothes but they aren’t always easy to wear … but this dress? FABULOUS. Victoria could have worn more jewelry – which I would have done – but the dress is beautiful enough to make a statement itself ;)

MTV Movie Awards 2010 – I loved this dress because I though it was so colorful and lively. A perfect red carpet dress for summer.

Teen Vogue’s Declare Your Denim Event – Perfect casual outfit. The blouse is super cute and I love the hair accesory, it adds a cool touch to the whole outfit. And the shoes? Awesome! You don’t need to overdo it all the time to be well-dressed and Victoria proves it!

MTV Video Music Awards 2011 – IT’S A SPARKLING DRESS, ENOUGH SAID. Seriously, for me that’s enough (almost!). I loved this dress because it was so pretty and sexy. She might be a role model for kids, she’s also a 18 year-old girl who has every right to get sexy. Plus, she always stays classy.

At a concert – I added this picture because I really like the vest she’s wearing here. The cut and the colours are both very original and beautiful. It’s a perfect illustration of how a blazer can change a whole outfit. It’s one of my favorite things to do when I don’t have the courage to wear something too elaborated!

2012 Instyle Awards – This dress might be one of the most beautiful that Victoria ever wore. I said this a lot already, but it really is both classy and sexy. The perls at the top of the dress make the whole thing look stunning. Definitely one of Victoria’s smartest choices – and one of the most recent too, which let us hope for the best in the future ;)

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