Topshop finally coming to France?!

I’ve heard this rumour and here I am hoping that is true: Topshop might soon open stores in France (or at least in Paris, for starters!). They almost opened one in 2010 but the project did not work out in the end. They’ve recently added a french version for their online store, which was a first sign. Now they’re teasing us with their press team having meetings in Paris. So could we expect our favorite british brand to finally settle down in France?! Fingers crossed!!


6 kickass rings under $20

You know how hard it is to find beautiful jewelry for cheap nowadays – especially when bloggers can afford designer brands. I’m not blamming them. I would too. But here is a selection of amazing pieces of jewelry for us broke people! Enjoy!

Retro Exaggerated Color Ring ($9.99)

Multi Spink Ring (£8.50)

Trio Blue Stone Ring (£10)

Ruby Red Vintage Cocktail Ring (£9)

Dana Leopard Ring (£14)

Green Shield Ring (6€)

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LFW: Topshop show LIVE!

Are you excited for the Topshop show in a few minutes for the London Fashion Week? I just went to their website to see if there were any info on how to watch live and it couldn’t be simpler: go to their website and the live will appear on the first page. Amazing! I cannot wait!

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Sales: my favorites picks from online stores

We are probably all going crazy with the sales at that point. I decided I would share with you some of my favorite picks from online stores. Enjoy!

ZARA – Blazer (39,99€)

ZARA – Skirt (19,99€)

ZARA – Boots (79,99€)

TOPSHOP – Knitted cardigan (£25)

ASOS – Cardigan (36,34€)

ASOS – Sequined pants (45,42€)


SEPHORA – bareMINERAL (40€ in stores)

Babies, I’m sorry if some stuff is not available in your countries. All the products are from stores that are in many countries, not french stores. I also only featured products that are in sale (because you may be like me and buy everything that is not in sale during the sales, so let’s fight it!). Keep visiting my lovelies and have a great shopping session tomorrow.

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