2 must-adopt summer hairstyles with Kate Mara

As I was looking through pictures of Kate Mara (yes, I happen to do this sometimes), I found out that when kate finds a hairstyle she likes, she sticks with it. Two of them are totally appropriate for summer. With the sand, the sun, the sea, your hair is damaged – you don’t want to use your heatings tools too much. Plus, you may not want to spend one hour on your hair everyday like you usually do. So here are Kate’s two favorite hairstyle that will take your hair from day to evening during summer.

The well-pulled ponytail. This is the most simple hairstyle ever, yet it looks very classy. It will be perfect for summer because with the heat, the only thing you want is to wear your hair up.


The small crown. This is my personal favorite. I have to admit that I do it all the time. It takes literally 20 seconds to do it but it changes from your usual natural hair.

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Threadsence sumemr 2012 lookbook!

The amazing clothing brand Threadsence released their summer 2012 lookbook which I’m obsessed with. I’ve be through the images a hundred times already. You should also watch their video “Kiss the sky, desires of a modern day goddess”: FLAWLESS.

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Swan Dive or Cannonball?

Kate Spade released their debut bathing suits collections, which are as flawless as everything they usually do. The prints are ridiculously pretty (I’m in love with the one-piece orange bathing suit). Not only did they give us these pretty swimsuits, but they also added a classy, cool promo video. What more do people ask for? ;)


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