They’re making a hit movie out of my favorite books!

I’ve been surprised to recently see that several of my favorite books (or at least that I really enjoyed) have been adapted for the big screen. Here are some of these books I’m refering to.

On The Road. I’ve always liked Kristen Stewart (and NO, not for her major work for twilight, thank-you!), so I’ve known for a while that she had been working on a movie called “On The Road”. But until recently, it never occured to me that it was actually an adaptation of the amazing book by Jack Kerouac. I know am even more looking forward to seeing it.

Next movie is The Great Gatsby. I first read it when I was 16 (my daring french 16 year-old self liked to try to improve her english by reading all her books in english) and I’ve read it again a few times since then. The thing is, I actually never remember it from a time to another. Seriously. You would think that one book, especially a great one, would be remembered forever. Well, I think I read so many different books that I forget them everytime after a little while. Which is nice, in a way, because you can reread your favorites! Anyway, this winter, Leonardo DiCaprio will be our Gatsby on the big screen. I’m not entirely convinced with the casting, but I guess we will have to watch the movie before we start judging!

The last one is one of my absolute favorite books: Bel Ami. I will seriously kill Robert Pattinson if he did a bad job in this role. I seriously hope not. I guess we will find this out soon, so here I am, hoping this will be as good as the book!

That’s it! Spread the love and reread your classics before the movies come out!

Which THG character/district are you?

By now, I think you know that I’m addicted with The Hunger Games. It’s only 3 days away and I seriously cannot wait. So I just spent one hour taking quizzes. I’m terrible like that. Out of the million quizzes I took, I was either Katniss or Peeta. I think Katniss makes sense because I would do anything in the world for my little sibblings. I would fight, I would die … anything. And not only for my sibblings, for my close family and bestest friends as well. They are the most important thing in the whole wide world to me. But I’m not nearly as brave as she is. I would be more the “hiding” type in the Hunger Games. I would hope that nobody finds me until there’s only one tribute left and then try to figure out a way to get rid of the other, preferably without fighting. It’s something I’m working one, believe it or not. I always say I wish I was more coureagous, more daring. I hope, and I’m sure, I will be someday ;) As for Peeta, I get it too. He also cares a lot about the people he likes. And if I was one of the last 2 tributes alive and the other one being someone I like/love, I would kill myself to give this other person a chance at life. Oh and I like baking cupcakes, I guess that’s another common point! lol

If you want to take a personality test, just type “which the hunger games character are you?” on google, and you will get plenty of results. Try to do a few tests for more accurate results!

The other thing I found is the capitol website in which you can registrate. You will have to put a few info and they will determine from which disctrict you are. I AM DISTRICT 1 BITCHES! I’m all fancy, rich, bitchy and mean lol They also give you your job. I’m a furrer – yes, because on top of being selfish and ridiculously rich & annoying, I kill poor little creatures to turn them into coats! SO ME …. NOT! Generate your own ID at the Capitol website, here.

Spread the love and get THG ready!

The coolest Hunger Games merchandise

In exactly one week, I will be in my theater watching the Hunger Games – yes be jealous all of you american people who will have to wait until friday! Anyway, I’m very excited about this because the Hunger Games has been my favorite book series for at least 16 months (read: I’m so much cooler than you who read it last month when hearing about the movie!!). In order to celebrate this one week countdown, I gathered the 5 coolest merchandise items for the movie – not that I would seriously buy any of them … I think?!

#05 is … Teams Gale tee-shirt
Yes I am team Gale because I am better than you. I just always have a thing for the underrated gorgeous one that never gets the girl. And I also have something for whoever/whatever is less popular because I hate doing what the rest of the population does. Anyway, whether you’re team Gale or team Peeta, who doesn’t love a nice shipping war? Just kidding … not!

#04 is … the Mockingjay pin

Way to feel like Katniss. Let’s face it, you’re not kick-ass enough to go fuck everyone up with your amazing bow so you will just seat here all proud because your mockingjay pin is looking fierce!

#03 is … The Hunger Games soundtrack
Everyone loves music and there is pretty good one on this CD. You are all completely addicted with Swift’s “Safe and Sound” by now, but there’s also some Maroon 5 etc. What’s not to love?

#02 is … “May the odds” tee-shirt
This one is GENIUS. Not only is it funny, but it’s also a super inside-joke that only the cool people who’ve read the book will understand. I love it. I can already picture myself wearing it and a cute boy would pass by, wink at me and say “Hi Katniss” before leaving – awww. cool program!

#01 is … China Glaze THG nailpolish
This one is definitely my favorite. I would/will actually buy them (as fun as I find the other items listed here, I would never really consider buying them, I’d rather save up for a Chanel bag). Anyway, I love China Glaze in general but their THG nailpolish are awesome. They have super cool names too, such as “dress me up” or “foie gras” (this might be my fav name!). Yeah, you should buy them!

Spread the love and feel the excitation for the movie growing inside you!