My top 5 favorite ladies & fashionistas at the moment.

Buenos dias amigos! I’m not quite sure if this is going to become a regular thing or not (I’m often obsessed with someone for a very long time so the ‘top 5’ may barely change from one time to another) but I decided to make a top 5 of the ladies I’m most obsessed with at the moment because they’re super talented, or sweet, or both; and they have a pretty awesome style (or stylist – which sometimes is very close).

#01 – Erica Dasher

You may know her from her  tv show “Jane By Design” which is one of my favorite show at the moment. I mean, there are 3 things I’m obsessed with in life: diet coke, tv show and fashion. If you find something that gather at least 2 of these things, it has to become one of my favorite thing. So it’s very naturally that I fell in love with Erica Dasher who plays Jane, the main character. Erica does such a great job as Jane. Plus, she proved us at the Fashion Week (and in pretty much every episodes even though there are stylists everywhere) that she has a great style and a sure interest in fashion. She has also had a few features in Teen Vogue, my favorite magazine, which have been a pleasure to read.

#02 – Ashley Madekwe

It is a thrill to get to see Ashley every week in the hit show “Revenge” which always gets us coming back for more. But we loved Ashley way before Revenge, because of her role in “the secret diary of a call girl”, but more importantly, for her amazing fashion blog “Ring My Bell”. I’ve been visiting it everyday for months. Ashley is really passionate about fashion – it’s not just a stylist doing everything for her. And that, I love.

#03 – Nina Dobrev

Nina might make the top 5 every single time because she has to be one of my favorite human beings in the whole wide world. She is amazingly talented, incredibly hard-working, ridiculously beautiful and has a pretty good sense of style that she never stops to improve. If you don’t watch her every week in the Vampire Diaries – my favorite show on air – you should. You will see how talented she is. I mean it. Not just saying it. And nobody can say anything anymore about her fashion since BOTH in 2010 and 2011, she came to the Emmy Awards as the best dressed. You can’t deny it.

#04 – Lana Del Rey

Her voice. Her music. It’s the first reason why I love her so much lately. I  keep listening to her labum ALL THE TIME. But she is also incredibly beautiful and natural. I love how she can go out or to an event without make-up (or barely any). I think she might be one of the only celebrities ready to do that and I find it extremely cool. She is also always so glamourous, you just gotta love it. She makes the most wonderful photoshoot – delightful!

#05 – Alexandra Chando

Former soap star, now killing it in ABC family’s show The Lying Game. She doesn’t only play the main character, she plays the TWO main characters. That’s something people – girl’s got talent! And her face might be one of the prettiest you have seen. I don’t know her, I can’t judge her but there is no way she can be mean. She just seems to be the sweetest, loveliest, most caring person ever. Seriously. Plus, she wears amazing clothes on the show. And outside too, as we’ve recentely seen at the NY Fashion Week!

Spread the love and get inspiration from so much talent and style!

Music Monday: a review of Lana Del Rey’s album

Her album came out a week ago but I am not one to write a review four minutes after. Because I like listening to the songs several times because I can feel them completely. Sometimes, I listen to a song one time and I hate it. Then I listen to it 5 more times and it becomes my new favorite song. That’s what I felt with Lana’s album, except less extreme. After listening it for the first time, I though “BORING”. Yet, I continued listening to it because I knew this is always my first impression with slow songs (except when I immediately fell in love, which sometimes happen). After listening several times, I changed my “BORING” to a “PRETTY DAMN GOOD”. Yet that’s true, you have to be in a special mood to listen to it. Whenever I’m too excited or need to get ready, if I put the album, I will think that it’s boring. But I realized what it was perfect for: background music while I’m editing my blog. This is actually what I am listening to right now.

Anyway, I don’t need to tell you that Lana Del Rey has a great voice, a great style and talent because you can all see that. This is not great news. She has not won me over totally yet, but she is on the good way to it. Song to listen to alone at home with a glass of red wine? Million dollar man! Song to listento when you are feelinf nostalgic? Summertime Sadness! Song to listen to when you feel cool and groovy? Diet Mountain Dew. Song to listen to when you are in the mood for “light” rap? National Anthem. Song to listen to when you’re feeling sad as sh*t? Carmen (and you will feel even worse after!)! And the rest of the songs are pretty much as awesome so you should listen to the full album while visiting all your favorite blogs *NODS* do this now!

Spread the love and skip the videogames!