I’m officially on Pinterest now!

I’m not even sure I will use pinterest that much, to me it’s a lot like tumblr, but I’m a sucker for any networking website. I’m pretty much on them all. So I just received my invitation to Pinterest and registered. My username there is the exact same than my blog (“heelsandsequins”): follow me here. And if you have a pinterest too, make you sure to leave me your username so I can follow you!

Spread the love and pin!

Happy Thanksgiving!

picture credit: glittergraphicnow

I am no american and unfortunately I am not celebrating Thanksgiving today – I wish! – but I wanted to wish all my american friends and readers (yeah ok let me believe 5 minutes that I have readers!!) a very happy Thanksgiving.

First of all, I would like to tell those of you who might have a GetGlue account to check-into anything (or the Macy’s parade) to unlock exclusive stickers. It’s not much about the stickers but more about the fact that for each check-in, Aflac is giving $1 for Childhood Cancer charities (up to $1,000,000 but we’re still VERY far from that). It’s a great cause – and very dear to me – and all you have to do is check-in. Sounds like an easy way to do something really positive and good today, right?


But who says Thanksgiving also says: major food intake. I know you’re feeling guilty. I feel it too. No, I’m not celebrating Thanksgiving. Yes, I did ate that chocolate telling myself it was totally allright because today was Thanksgiving. You said “lame excuse”?! I know. But whatever. If you’re actually celebrating Thanksgiving, it is totally normal to indulge. I mean, yes to eating ealthy but if we can’t even eat that yummy food on Thanksgiving and Christmas, what are we left with?

Still, that doesn’t mean we want to gain 1 or 2 extra pounds just in one day. This is why I searched the internet for you, looking for some of the best posts by our dear trainers/fitness gurus … and try to see what they told us to do to face the huge calories intake. So follow me. The girls at ToneItUp give you the 7 secrets to safe splurging (you see?! It’s ok to splurge sometimes, even certified trainers say it!). Women’s Health Magazine shares with you their amazing Thanksgiving workout that burns calories … FAST! Last but not least, if it comes to baking a pie for tonight, Shape compares pies so you can go with the healthiest/low-fat one! Enjoy!

Don’t forget: try to eat very slowly. You will feel full sooner and won’t take a second serving of that delicious yet fatty puree. Same goes with alcohol: sip slowly and try to go for wine instead of stronger alcohols.