Happy Birthday Mandy Moore!

I’ve been a fan of Mandy Moore forever. Her and Britney Spears were my childhood favorites that I stuck with. So when I saw today on twitter that it was her birthday, I decided I would make a post full of pictures of her through the ages – mostly because she always was gorgeous and went through all the kind of hairstyles which is pretty amazing! Whatever cut you want for summer, take a look at Mandy, she probably tried it before!


Spread the love and wish Mandy a happy birthday!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

source: wikipedia

Everything is in the title! Let’s all be Irish this day – and let’s not forget, at least for us Christian people, that this is a religious day in the first place. Support and love to our christian irish friends!

Spread the love and have a Guinness in my honor!

Happy New Year

May you all have a wonderful new year filled with everything you deserve. That may be many things but never forget that family/love and health are always the most important, so I wish you a lot of that for this new year. Every of your positive actions will have a direct positive consequence so be nice, be kind, be good in 2012 and this will only bring you happiness. Much love, xx