They’re making a hit movie out of my favorite books!

I’ve been surprised to recently see that several of my favorite books (or at least that I really enjoyed) have been adapted for the big screen. Here are some of these books I’m refering to.

On The Road. I’ve always liked Kristen Stewart (and NO, not for her major work for twilight, thank-you!), so I’ve known for a while that she had been working on a movie called “On The Road”. But until recently, it never occured to me that it was actually an adaptation of the amazing book by Jack Kerouac. I know am even more looking forward to seeing it.

Next movie is The Great Gatsby. I first read it when I was 16 (my daring french 16 year-old self liked to try to improve her english by reading all her books in english) and I’ve read it again a few times since then. The thing is, I actually never remember it from a time to another. Seriously. You would think that one book, especially a great one, would be remembered forever. Well, I think I read so many different books that I forget them everytime after a little while. Which is nice, in a way, because you can reread your favorites! Anyway, this winter, Leonardo DiCaprio will be our Gatsby on the big screen. I’m not entirely convinced with the casting, but I guess we will have to watch the movie before we start judging!

The last one is one of my absolute favorite books: Bel Ami. I will seriously kill Robert Pattinson if he did a bad job in this role. I seriously hope not. I guess we will find this out soon, so here I am, hoping this will be as good as the book!

That’s it! Spread the love and reread your classics before the movies come out!

White Girl Problems hits the bookstores

Don’t tell me you’re not following the genius Babe Walker on twitter? Her tweets are just funny, exagerated, genius … I LOVE IT. Well since yesterday, Babe has released a full book full of her “White Girl Problems” exentricities. I cannot wait to get it and devor it. Available online on amazon.

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a week-end in a few pics: happy epiphany

There is no such thing as an epiphany without a twelfth night cake. They’re so yummy. Unfortunately, I was crowned Queen this year µsigh* This is such a shame!

I spent a few hours at the book store this week-end (yes, I’m THAT kind of girl) and I saw this book. I almost bought it because of the GPOY-ness of the title. This is the most accurate title ever. Are all our moms in love with George Clooney, seriously?!

I had some administrative stuff to do this week-end so a Starbucks coffee was in order. These papers/documents/etc. are always so annoying that you definitely need the caffeine if you’re willing to get done with it. Sigh.

I swear I’m not obsessed with food. Not more than everybody else. It’s just that whenever I cook something that look pretty good, I feel like taking it in picture. I’m just so proud lol So here are a few blueberry muffins I made to my family for breakfast. No big deal. I’m not a very good cook yet but I’m training. I really enjoy it.

That’s it for the day. Have a great week all!
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i used to be a big fan of gossip girl books so i read “psycho killer” and this is my review

THING THAT CHANGED FOR THE WORST : Jenny’s boobs are even bigger than in the regular books. I swear. They’re so huge, you can feel them just by reading about them. I feel bad for the girl. THING THAT HASN’T CHANGED: Serena is still a bich. And a slut. THING THAT CHANGED FOR THE BEST: Chuck’s ending. Glorious. Or is it? It’s not book’s Chuck I hate the most, to be honest.

NOW, REAL REVIEW: Basically, it’s your regular Gossip Girl, PLUS the killing, MINUS the good, thrilling story. They don’t buy Chanel bags, they buy expensive knives. Yes, yes, I swear. And it’s not like the “killer” part is THAT-WELL introduced/described. One world: WEIRD. I’m not totally buying it. OKAY, OKAY – it’s not all bad. One glorious moment? A until-death fight at THE MET. Imean, INSIDE the MET. With the museum’s ANTIQUE WEAPONS. O_O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS: At the end, when Blair suddenly rushes for the bathroom, it’s because she has digestion problems. WHAT?! That’s a way like an other to describe an eating disorder, I guess. DUMB-ASS.