Blog Crush of the Week: A Beautiful Mess

This blog is so flawless, I can’t even. I love how you can find pretty much anything on this blog. She updates very regularly with outfits pictures, recipes, DIY projects etc. (and some I would actually totally do for a birthday or for my house! so amazing). I feel like I could say so much about it but you just gotta find ot about this pearl of a website by yourself. A BEAUTIFUL MESS, CLICK HERE!

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Blog Crush of the Week: The Beauty Department

Check out TBD tutorial for a beautiful braided bun.

I visit the Beauty Department everyday because it’s such a cool, informative website. If you don’t know about it yet, it’s a website created by Lauren Conrad, her hairdresser Kristin Ess and her make-up artist Amy Nadine. Everyday, they share with you their best tips for the latest trendy make-up or hairstyle. They also share the best manucures and tips on what make-up/hairstyle to wear with this or that outfit. Not to mention that they often try to make giveaways for you people.Tips from professional beauty gurus that happen to be adorable on the top of it? I say yes!

Another of my favorite tutorials? A classic fishtail braid with Lauren!


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Blog Crush of the week: Taste Of Runaway

THIS BLOG HAS TO BEST THE MOST GENIUS BLOG I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. I don’t know how the creator came up with the idea but it’s brilliant. A perfect combinaison of the two best things in life: fashion & food. The creator takes looks straight from the runaway and imagines a recipe that could have inspired the look. It’s genius. Not only the parallels are amazing, but you also get the recipe with it. Isn’t it perfect? You know it is! CLICK HERE FOR A TASTE OF RUNAWAY!

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