Quote Sunday: I do happen to be shy!

“I’m more of a shy person if I don’t know you. If I do know you though I will be the most outgoing and talkative person ever.” – Ashley Benson

This is not an inspirational quote, just one I totally relate to because I feel exactly the same. I’ve been less and less shy with the years. I still happen to be with people that I don’t know. But when I’m with people I know, with family, friends, etc. I can be the most talkative, funny, outgoing person ever. I can even go to other people that I don’t know and tell/ask them things I would normally never do, just because I’m with people I’m confortable with. I’m so freaking complicated lol

Spread the love and stop being shy!


Would you dye your hair red?

The other day, seeing this picture that Ashley Benson tweeted (it’s most likely a wig, but we don’t care here), I started wondering if I would ever dare doing something so crazy. Yes for me this is crazy. I went to the conclusion that I wouldn’t. i wish I would be more daring sometimes. But the more I would do is getting a colored strain of hair. Already great, right? I might even do this “pink or peach ends” if that becomes trendy again.

Would YOU be ready to dye your hair red (or even crazier colors like blue or green)?

Here are more pictures of celebrities who dyed their hair red:
(I personaly like it a lot on Ariana and Cheryl, not so much on Hayley and Rihanna; but still looks kick-ass!)

Ariana Grande – Cheryl Cole

Hayley Williams – Rihanna

Spread the love and dare the red hair!