Blog Crush of the Week: The Beauty Department

Check out TBD tutorial for a beautiful braided bun.

I visit the Beauty Department everyday because it’s such a cool, informative website. If you don’t know about it yet, it’s a website created by Lauren Conrad, her hairdresser Kristin Ess and her make-up artist Amy Nadine. Everyday, they share with you their best tips for the latest trendy make-up or hairstyle. They also share the best manucures and tips on what make-up/hairstyle to wear with this or that outfit. Not to mention that they often try to make giveaways for you people.Tips from professional beauty gurus that happen to be adorable on the top of it? I say yes!

Another of my favorite tutorials? A classic fishtail braid with Lauren!


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Would you dye your hair red?

The other day, seeing this picture that Ashley Benson tweeted (it’s most likely a wig, but we don’t care here), I started wondering if I would ever dare doing something so crazy. Yes for me this is crazy. I went to the conclusion that I wouldn’t. i wish I would be more daring sometimes. But the more I would do is getting a colored strain of hair. Already great, right? I might even do this “pink or peach ends” if that becomes trendy again.

Would YOU be ready to dye your hair red (or even crazier colors like blue or green)?

Here are more pictures of celebrities who dyed their hair red:
(I personaly like it a lot on Ariana and Cheryl, not so much on Hayley and Rihanna; but still looks kick-ass!)

Ariana Grande – Cheryl Cole

Hayley Williams – Rihanna

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Fashion Find of the day: Absolutely wanted

These two things are my obsession altely – I wanted to buy both so bad. The make-up bag is probably the coolest you will ever find. As for the shoes, aren’t they fierce? They’re like a cheaper version of these Chloe boots everyone loves.

Mascara Pouch by Pamela Barsky ($15)

Studded boots by Zara (119€)

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Who What Wear Beauty Giveaway

Hey guys! The wonderful website “Who What Wear” is opening a “beauty” section on their website and in order to celebrate this huge occasion, they organized a giveaway with amazing products for you to win. Unfortunately, it’s open to US residents only :( but if you are from the US, definitely check this out! I can’t wait for the website!

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My new favorite cosmetics brand: Bobbi Brown

image straight from Bobbi’s blog.

Bobbi Brown is definitely my new favorite cosmetics brand. Actually, you can be pretty sure that for the next two months, at least, all the money i put into cosmetics will go directly to this brand. I first heard about the brand a few months ago on a beauty website/blog (i don’t really remember) but didn’t pay much attention. It’s only the other day, when I was shopping at Sephora that I spotted products from the brand and remembered the article I had read. I went straight there to try the products and they were AMAZING. Especially the concealer, but I won’t say much more about it right now, I will probably write it a love letter another day!!! Anyway, I really recommend it. I can’t say which products just yet – I still need to buy them and try them all. But in general, if you are looking for a new good quality brand, go for Bobbi Brown.

I hope you all had a great week-end.
Spread the love, xo