It’s decided: I’m going gluten-free!

Doing my groceries shopping today, I decided I should maybe try to go gluten-free. I’ve heard about people adopting this diet and lifestyle. I’ve always heard only really positive things about it. Recently, Miley announced that due to intolerances, she had gone gluten-free. And let’s be honest: her body is looking better than ever (see picture down). Of course, most of it is probably because she’s been working her ass off at pilates classes everyday. But you can’t deny that alimentation is a key-piece to a healthy, toned up body and I believe that Miley’s new diet has played a role in her amazing new body.

Then, when you look carefully in which aliments there is gluten, you often realize that it’s the bad, unhealthy food. Going gluten-free is, for most part, going for a lot healthier lifestyle. Which got me thinking about really, seriously, adopting this diet. Maybe this doesn’t mean that you have to bannish gluten forever. if you’re going to have a pizza at one time with your friends this summer, it’s ok. But one should really consider giving up on gluten. I decided that I would. So here is the start of a new experience and I will tell you how this is going!

Spread the love and go gluten-free!

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