Let’s go back to those Converse days!

When I was in middle school, Converses were my favorite shoes ever. I had a millio pairs. I was obsessed. I would wear them everyday no matter what. Then, I grew up and by the time I was in High School, I started to think it wasn’t cool anymore. It was so overrated. Which is not true because Converse have always been and will always be super cool. I don’t know if I’m gonna buy me a new pair, but I sure will recycle my old pairs (yes my feet are still the same size since middle school, don’t laugh at me!) this spring. I’ve fallen in love with converses all over again.

And my ultimate dream converse, studded white converses (I don’t know if they actually exist or if people costumize them themselves, but they’re gorgeous!).

Spread the love and go put your pair of Converse on!

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