Which THG character/district are you?

By now, I think you know that I’m addicted with The Hunger Games. It’s only 3 days away and I seriously cannot wait. So I just spent one hour taking quizzes. I’m terrible like that. Out of the million quizzes I took, I was either Katniss or Peeta. I think Katniss makes sense because I would do anything in the world for my little sibblings. I would fight, I would die … anything. And not only for my sibblings, for my close family and bestest friends as well. They are the most important thing in the whole wide world to me. But I’m not nearly as brave as she is. I would be more the “hiding” type in the Hunger Games. I would hope that nobody finds me until there’s only one tribute left and then try to figure out a way to get rid of the other, preferably without fighting. It’s something I’m working one, believe it or not. I always say I wish I was more coureagous, more daring. I hope, and I’m sure, I will be someday ;) As for Peeta, I get it too. He also cares a lot about the people he likes. And if I was one of the last 2 tributes alive and the other one being someone I like/love, I would kill myself to give this other person a chance at life. Oh and I like baking cupcakes, I guess that’s another common point! lol

If you want to take a personality test, just type “which the hunger games character are you?” on google, and you will get plenty of results. Try to do a few tests for more accurate results!

The other thing I found is the capitol website in which you can registrate. You will have to put a few info and they will determine from which disctrict you are. I AM DISTRICT 1 BITCHES! I’m all fancy, rich, bitchy and mean lol They also give you your job. I’m a furrer – yes, because on top of being selfish and ridiculously rich & annoying, I kill poor little creatures to turn them into coats! SO ME …. NOT! Generate your own ID at the Capitol website, here.

Spread the love and get THG ready!

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