5 reasons why girls want to date musicians; 5 reasons why they will hate it.

You know this girl fantasy to date a musician? You’ve heard about it, don’t lie. Have you ever wondered why we are so attracted to musicians? I did. And I also came to the conclusion that we hate it when it actually happens. Here is why. (Pictures all from google – i don’t know the exact source – retouched by me).

Why we want to date musicians?

01. We feel like he must be very special for liking something else than sports and video games. You thought guys were all the same but here comes the musician. When he plays his music, you feel like you can share something with him – which you totally do not when he starts talking about sports or playing video games. We get it girls, you want to be included. Dully noted.

02. You think he’s so deep and smart. Don’t deny it. The fact that your coveted one is playing music make you think he is “SO MUCH DEEPER” than other guys. Seriously. You talk with your friends, and you’re all like “his music is his loophole. He can express so much through it. It’s so deep”. Yeah girl, sure, it is.

03. You think he will go all Bruno Mars on you. “Girl you’re amazing, just the way you are”. You know it’s true. You’re still waiting for this beautiful love song he is going to write for you. On your birthday. With his bed covered with rose petals. Keep dreaming.

04. He is a rockstar, so are you. Playing music has a cool, glamourous connotation. Your coveted one has played in front of 20 people max (10 being from his family) but still, you see him as a rockstar. You feel super special for being the one dating the rockstar, the one he looks to when he’s on stage etc. Take that jealous bitches.

05. He might get famous someday. It’s like when you find out about a song on the internet, and then the band goes so famous that you’re so proud for discovering them before they were on all the radios. You’re secretely hoping that your musician boyfriend will become famous and you get to say “I was dating him even before he got famous. I could totally see the potential. He’s so special”.

Why will we hate it?

01. “A concert again? Tonight?” Sure, at first you love going to his concerts. You pretended to LOVE them. Actually, for a moment, you genuinely thought that you liked them. And then you’re dating him and he’s asking you to come to a concert every week, always in the lamest places – because let’s face it, he will never be famous – and you just can’t take to have to listen to his terrible songs live for the 100000th time.

02. You will get serious trust issues. You were a groupie before you started dating him. So there might be other girls in your former situation, still only seeing the perks of dating a musician. They will drive you mad. You will want to kill them for throwing their bra to the stage. Which will make you go to all of his concerts, just to keep an eye on them, even though that also means you will hear this horrible song for the 100000th time (see previous reason!).

03. His music is his life. Not you. So he brings music to your dates. Your loved one will feel like it’s a date when you’re coming to see him playing. Or when you’re going dinner at the restaurant, you will gladly find out that he also invited the whole band. Soon enough you won’t be able to live with his lack of attention. It will most likely end up in a bloody fight, partly because he will drive you mad by not even understanding what he did wrong.

04. When he breaks up with you, you will learn it live. It’s very likely that when he decides to break up with you, he tells his band mates first. Then they will write a song about it. And you will learn it on friday night, at his concert (which is full of people, for once!), at the same time as a hundred people from your school while he sings. So special. Now go hide in a corner and cry.

05. Sorry love, but he will probably always be a failure. As much as he’d like to be famous, there is a very good chance that he will never be. And of course he spends all his time playing music so he’s not studying. You’re going nowhere. This guy is never going to do anything good of his life. You better leave. NOW.

My advice for you:

Don’t date a guy who is in a band. Don’t date a musician who actually wants to make a career out of it. Never. Make the best of both situations: go for a guy who occasionally plays guitar at parties (so you get to show off “yep, he’s mine and he plays the guitar”) but will put the guitar down when you ask him for a date out. But the best advice is to always be careful. Musicians or video-games players, boys remain a dangerous, peculiar species.

Spread the love and break-up with your musician boyfriend.

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  1. Charlotte B.

     /  March 11, 2012

    sooo true! I’ve dated a musician for about a year, it was then when I finally opened my eyes and I realized he wasn’t what I thought he was (he was not a rockstar and he will never be, just another pretentious wannabe). I recommend to be with one for a few months, though. it’s funny and sexy.

  2. Or alternatively, the person you are dating is a creative and inspired person. If all you’re looking for from dating a musician is the ‘cool’ factor, then it’s not going to work; in fact, I’d steer clear of any creative type as it’s a dedication, an end in itself and clearly this article has not considered that. Making a shed load of money is never the primary aim of a musician, neither is posing on stage, it’s about putting something out into the world- the kind of product that we’ve all seen you dancing to, reading etc. Just because an artist hasn’t been internationally recognised doesn’t mean their art is substandard; after all, the muppets from made in Chelsea hardly deserve fame, yet they have it.

    I’d say, date the musician, you might just find that underneath the ludicrous stereotype and preconception is a partner who is emotionally astute, talented, driven and God forbid, actually very much into you. This article is nonsense.

    • Hey! I completely agree with your comment, don’t worry! This article was a wanted exageration and was fully ironical. It was in no way a deep reflexion about what it is to be a musician! I know and I agree that musicians are inspired, deep people with something to share with the world. I know that in reality it would not necessarily be bad to date a musician ;) This post was just supposed to be a funny / light article, “girls problems” way (like all these exagerated videos and posts you see around with “problems” that are not really some!! like “white girls problems!)! I hope it’s clearer this way and once again, I totally agree with you :)


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