International Women’s Day

EDIT: OMG I TAKE IT ALL BACK! Seems like I just got back from Venus myself, seems like Men’s day exists. Well, they sure don’t make a fuss about it as we do for women. I’m still leaving the article where it is because I love ranting anyway ;)

I am not the biggest fan of the “international women’s day” – which is today for those who just landed from Venus and do not have twitter yet! The main reason why I don’t like this day dedicated to women is that it feels like we’re not equal to men. Like we have our day once a year so we’re happy and we shut up for the rest of the year. I may be excessive. Grand-mothers have their day. So do dads and moms. I am not against having a special day to celebrate someone more than we usually do. Actually, isn’t it what Valentine’s Day is about? You can be in love anytime of the year, but still, it’s nice to take this day for all people in love in the world to celebrate their love at the same time.

So why am I not feeling the same with the international women’s day? Because men don’t have one! This very fact really makes you feel like it’s not really to celebrate us. And if it is, then men deserve to have their day too and be celebrated at one time of the year. Since we’re all equal, it should be ok, right?!

That’s just my point. I love the idea of everyone in the world celebrating something/someone at the very same time. Of course it can be your day everyday. But actually having an international day makes everyone share this at the same time. So YES to international women’s day, as long as we get an international men’s day; as long as this doesn’t feel like “stigmatization” anymore. Because it’s what governments do a lot. I am not denying the good intentions. It’s always with good intentions when you do something for a group that is discriminated – but I hate when this “something” just stigmatize people even more. That’s it.

So now ladies, go threat yourself with a bubble bath, a glass of wine and a good book! You deserve it, after all, it’s your day ;)


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