KONY 2012

My blog is also to share about causes that I think are important and that matters to me. Invisble Children is a wonderful association that I’ve been following for years and that protects children all over the world. In 2012, their main goal is to raise attention on Joseph Kony. Not because he is a good person. But because he is a terrible one. Joseph Kony is the leader of the LRA, a terrorist group in central Africa. He kidnapped thousands of children to make them soldiers. In 2012, Invisible Children wants to raise awarness, to tell people about Joseph Kony to bring him to justice. The more people hear about him, the more people can fight to get this man arrested and condamned.

Here is a 30mins long movie about the project “KONY 2012”. if you have a little time, it would be nice to watch it. If you want to know more about their action, go to their website. You can also purchase kits to spread the word and support the cause.


Spread the love and spread the word about this great cause!

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