Music Monday: The Good Mad

Today’s Music Monday focuses only on one group, which I love: The Good Mad. Their music is truly beautiful. Proof that you can make relevant, trendy music with something else than only a guitar. I love that the whole group actually knows how to sing. It’s just not about ONE leader/singer. They’re actually all super (multi-)talented. How cool is that Allie plays the violin? It’s so beautiful. And Andy plays the Ukelele. And Adam plays the harmonica. Seriously, how could this band be any cooler? I’ve been following them pretty much since the beginning (I was one of the first 20 people to follow their youtube channel, that’s something!) because I knew Gonino’s singing before (she was in the Stunners) and I plan on keeping to listen to them for a long time! I thought I would share their talent with you – I hope you enjoy it!


Falling Asleep (Shine Don’t Shadow)

And this one is an old one of Gonino only but it has to be one of my favorite song ever – cover from Beyonce’s “Halo”: stunning. singing acapella is so hard but she’s doing it beautifully. And her violin. HER VIOLIN! *in love*

Spread the love and enjoy these true talents!

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