Today’s Victoria Justice’s birthday: let’s take a look at her style.

First, Happy Birthday Victoria. Victoria Justice is an actress that I really like because of what a great inspiration to kids/teens she is. Only by reading her tweets you can see that she is a down-to-earth, sweet, caring persons. This is rare nowadays – gotta give credit where it’s due. Anyway, the girl also has style. Since it’s her birthday, I thought it was the occasion to go back on my favorite red carpet looks of her with comments for each! Let’s go!

Hollywood Style Awards 2010 – This dress was gorgeous.It sparkles so basically, it was already enough for me. But it’s also classy (thanks to the cleavage-shoulder fabric-thing), yet super sexy.

American Idol Season 9 Finale – This is such a cute dress and totally one that I’d wear. I have a very similar one actually. I was obsessed with this trend (still am, very much actually). It’s fresh, young, simple. In a word, it fits her perfectly. The shoes, which are gorgeous (i want the same!), are the perfect finale touch to the outfit!

26th Annual Artistos Awards – I’m completely in love with this dress. How classy is it?! I love roll-neck clothes but they aren’t always easy to wear … but this dress? FABULOUS. Victoria could have worn more jewelry – which I would have done – but the dress is beautiful enough to make a statement itself ;)

MTV Movie Awards 2010 – I loved this dress because I though it was so colorful and lively. A perfect red carpet dress for summer.

Teen Vogue’s Declare Your Denim Event – Perfect casual outfit. The blouse is super cute and I love the hair accesory, it adds a cool touch to the whole outfit. And the shoes? Awesome! You don’t need to overdo it all the time to be well-dressed and Victoria proves it!

MTV Video Music Awards 2011 – IT’S A SPARKLING DRESS, ENOUGH SAID. Seriously, for me that’s enough (almost!). I loved this dress because it was so pretty and sexy. She might be a role model for kids, she’s also a 18 year-old girl who has every right to get sexy. Plus, she always stays classy.

At a concert – I added this picture because I really like the vest she’s wearing here. The cut and the colours are both very original and beautiful. It’s a perfect illustration of how a blazer can change a whole outfit. It’s one of my favorite things to do when I don’t have the courage to wear something too elaborated!

2012 Instyle Awards – This dress might be one of the most beautiful that Victoria ever wore. I said this a lot already, but it really is both classy and sexy. The perls at the top of the dress make the whole thing look stunning. Definitely one of Victoria’s smartest choices – and one of the most recent too, which let us hope for the best in the future ;)

Spread the love and get the Justice fever!

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