“The Iron Lady” or should they have called it “The Pity Lady”

Don’t pay too much attention to my silly, attacking title. I just liked how it sounded. However, we cannot say that this movie was perfect. I just went to see it at the cinema and I am not quite sure what to think about it. There’s one sure thing: Meryl Streep’s acting is flawless. She did a wonderful job with the part and she deserves all the recognition and awards she might get for this role. As for the movie, my main critic would be that it focuses way too much on how she is now, and not so much on how she was as a Prime Minister, and what she did. Hence the title. There must have been only a few minutes about main events that happened when she was a prime minister. And a full hour about how she now deals with hallucinations of her dead husband. I mean, this the idea of flashbacks was great. But not with so much present-time focus. I wish they would have shown more the actual “Iron Lady” than who she is now that she is retired and sick. If anything, this movie at least made me want to read a good book about her which I may do this summer, hoping I get more insight on her years as Prime Minister and the policies that went with it.

Spread the love and go to the movies!

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