Music Monday: a review of Lana Del Rey’s album

Her album came out a week ago but I am not one to write a review four minutes after. Because I like listening to the songs several times because I can feel them completely. Sometimes, I listen to a song one time and I hate it. Then I listen to it 5 more times and it becomes my new favorite song. That’s what I felt with Lana’s album, except less extreme. After listening it for the first time, I though “BORING”. Yet, I continued listening to it because I knew this is always my first impression with slow songs (except when I immediately fell in love, which sometimes happen). After listening several times, I changed my “BORING” to a “PRETTY DAMN GOOD”. Yet that’s true, you have to be in a special mood to listen to it. Whenever I’m too excited or need to get ready, if I put the album, I will think that it’s boring. But I realized what it was perfect for: background music while I’m editing my blog. This is actually what I am listening to right now.

Anyway, I don’t need to tell you that Lana Del Rey has a great voice, a great style and talent because you can all see that. This is not great news. She has not won me over totally yet, but she is on the good way to it. Song to listen to alone at home with a glass of red wine? Million dollar man! Song to listento when you are feelinf nostalgic? Summertime Sadness! Song to listen to when you feel cool and groovy? Diet Mountain Dew. Song to listen to when you are in the mood for “light” rap? National Anthem. Song to listen to when you’re feeling sad as sh*t? Carmen (and you will feel even worse after!)! And the rest of the songs are pretty much as awesome so you should listen to the full album while visiting all your favorite blogs *NODS* do this now!

Spread the love and skip the videogames!

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