Quote Sunday with Theodore Roosevelt

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Theodore Roosevelt

I like this quote because it is incredibly true. People lack confidence and that’s often what stops them from doing amazing things. If you want to lose weight, the first step is to believe that you will be able to cut out the bad food and to workout. You have to believe that you are strong enough to do it. Many women just tell themselves “it’s useless, I know I will run to pizza after 5 minutes anyway”. This is so bad. Maybe you will. Maybe at one point you will break down and go for a pizza. But actually believing that you are capable of doing it will make you more motivated and you will actually do it.

Confidence is always the key. Don’t be too confident because it can annoy people. But be confident enough to not be afraid to set high goals and dream big. Don’t always underestimate yourself: YOU CAN DO IT. The biggest ennemy to your success is yourself. Once you realize this, nothing can stop you. Don’t be afraid, accept all the challenges like a new experience, accept the failures like a lesson learned. You will go stronger, more confident and nothing will scare you anymore. Keep dreaming big and going after those dreams. They come true for those who dare believing in it enough.

Spread the love and be confident!

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