Forever21 is finally in Paris. Which reminds me …

This is such a good news: Forever21 is finally opening its first store in France, in a mall not far from Paris. I’m very excited about that and cannot wait to go shopping there. I will probably go next week if I find time.

Anyway, that gets me to another (but related) topic which is that affordable stores rock. I see a lot of bloggers wearing only designers brand and it’s so hard to copy their style sometimes. It makes sense, because sometimes they earn quite a lot of money or brands offer them clothes. But not all of us can afford these designer brands.

Which is why I love brands like Forever21 or even Zara, which is a little more expensive but still very affordable. I want you all to realize that it’s ok not to wear Chanel or Chloé. You can still have a wonderful style with very cheap pieces. Actually, you can find unique amazing pieces for practically nothing. I think that even if I was super rich and could afford designer brands, I would still shop in those affordable stores because they happen to have super great stuff too. And why spending thousands of dollars on something you are only going to wear a few times, right?!

So that’s it. I just wanted to ‘thank’ those brands that make fashion affordable and express how happy I am that Forever21 opened in Paris. Even though they have horrible, cheap clothes most of the time, you can also find pretty awesome stuff!

Spread the love and buy affordable clothes!

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  1. Yeah I feel so jealous of the designer clad bloggers they wear their Mulberry bags so casually. I like blogs like wishwishwish where they have designer accessories but highstreet clothes.




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