Are we even in the same world? It’s freaking cold where I live.

picture from teen vogue

This post is a direct reaction to all the stylish persons whose blog I visit everyday. My blog was supposed to be, for a big part, a fashion blog. I wanted – and I will – post pictures of me and my outfits. I just have a serious problem with winter. You see, it’s so freaking cold outside, I just want to put 3 layered pairs of leggings, boots and a large warm sweater. Not that it’s necessary ugly, I have cool sweaters! But not super fashionable, you know what I mean. Which is mostly why I haven’t been posting outfits yet; they didn’t seem to be worthy of being taken in pictures (sometimes, they’re cool but I’m lazy!).

So, my question to all the bloggers out there is WHERE THE F*CK TO YOU LIVE? Most bloggers manage to post super cool outfits on their blog right now. Yet, they’re all sweaters-less, with skirts (and without stockings), open shoes, tiny cardigans … STOP IT ALREADY. Where I live – which is France so not even that cold, little thought to my dear friends in Canada – I couldn’t even put a feet outside dressed this way without getting a pneumony.

As you probably have realized, this post is totally useless. It’s just my reaction to all the blogs I’m seeing because I’m looking at some right now and I just needed to say it out loud. Being alone at home right now, this is all for you my dear lovelies. What do YOU wear during winter?

Have a wonderful COLD week,
xx. Spread the love

PS: I’m officially offering body-services in exchange of tv shows streaming links, anyone?! No seriously, give me Megaupload back. I literally breath thanks to the tv shows I watch – suffocating girl right here!

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