I’m a boxer now (or at least for the next five minutes)

Today, I just did something that doesn’t look like me, that I would always say would be cool to do but that I would never actually do: I went to a french boxing class (difference with english boxing is that in french boxing, you can use your feet too).

I am really not good, seriously, but I guess nobody ever is on their first try. And I’m just terrified that if I continue, I will have to fight against a guy or even a way-better-boxer-than-me girl. Oh, and did I mention that the gloves are the worst thing ever? They smell like one million people wore them (which is actually true) and you just sweat so much in them, it’s disgusting.

Yet, I had a great time. I laughed a lot (I went there with a friend!) and I loved that with it I got my workout done in a cool, unusual way. A lot less boring than treadmill, believe me. I am a bit scared to continue, this is not my kind of sport but I think this could be a great experience. It’s about going beyond my limits, taking risk and fighting fear. In a way, I would much rather go back to my dance lessons, which I love deeply. But boxing can bring me a lot, on many levels.

This being said, let’s see how long this lasts ;)
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