Sales: my favorites picks from online stores

We are probably all going crazy with the sales at that point. I decided I would share with you some of my favorite picks from online stores. Enjoy!

ZARA – Blazer (39,99€)

ZARA – Skirt (19,99€)

ZARA – Boots (79,99€)

TOPSHOP – Knitted cardigan (£25)

ASOS – Cardigan (36,34€)

ASOS – Sequined pants (45,42€)


SEPHORA – bareMINERAL (40€ in stores)

Babies, I’m sorry if some stuff is not available in your countries. All the products are from stores that are in many countries, not french stores. I also only featured products that are in sale (because you may be like me and buy everything that is not in sale during the sales, so let’s fight it!). Keep visiting my lovelies and have a great shopping session tomorrow.

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  1. thanks for the list! :)


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