tv shows that will make you improve your wardrobe

It is no secret that I am obsessed with TV shows. But one thing I particularly love about them – besides the amazing storylines – is fashion. We see more and more gorgeous outfits on TV and it’s just amazingness. The 5 show I chose are real tv shows (I didn’t count reality TV). Let’s say that The CW is the big winner with FABULOUS fashion. ABC Family comes next (and those are the only two featured btw) with pretty awesome fashion too. What I also love about ABC Family  is that after an episode, they often make a recap with some of the best outfits to give us the designers brands. Basically, for great fashion: CW & ABC Family. That’s it, friends.

#05 – Pretty Little Liars

I would not wear everything on this show, and especially not everyone’s style, but there are some really great pieces. I’m OBSESSED with Aria’s earrings (featured on the art, bottom left). Aria’s style is by far my favorite and I would steal a few things from her closet. I also love the BCBG style, so some of Spencer’s outfits are pretty awesome too.

#04 – The Lying Game

This show is another ABC Family show and I really love it. But besides this, it has incredible fashion. Especially when it comes to Emma (main character). She always has the best oufits and I can’t help drooling over them. Other characters also happen to have great pieces!

#03 – Jane by Design

The whole show is supposed to be about fashion, so how can it be bad, really?! I have seen only one episode so far but the fashion was amazing in it. I haven’t seen much which is why I only put it number 3 but I hope we will keep getting more amazing fashion in future episodes. The thing is that Jane actually works for designers so you can basically expect everyone to be super stylish! YAY!

#02 – 90210

90210 has the best fashion. Kill me now. I want everything. All the characters have very different wardrobes but I would shop in every single closet of the girls. They’re all such fashionistas. I could cry because of the perfection of their outfits. I would almost have put them in #01 because how the girls dress is a perfect mix of everything I would like to wear everyday. Whether it’s casual, classy, preppy, smart, beachy … pretty much anything, any theme, any style: THEY. ALWAYS. NAIL. IT. The 90210 stylists can come work for me anytime!

#01 – Gossip Girl

The storylines may have turned L.A.M.E but the fashion remains AMAZING! I guess Gossip Girl was the obvious choice for #01 because of the epicness of the outfits. Serena has the style that appeals the most because you can actually see yourself wearing that, but Blair is also my favorite because only her can wear so amazingly such outfits. Pretty much all the best designers have been featured in the show and you can see it. No other tv show has taken fashion to such a level.

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