a week-end in a few pics: happy epiphany

There is no such thing as an epiphany without a twelfth night cake. They’re so yummy. Unfortunately, I was crowned Queen this year µsigh* This is such a shame!

I spent a few hours at the book store this week-end (yes, I’m THAT kind of girl) and I saw this book. I almost bought it because of the GPOY-ness of the title. This is the most accurate title ever. Are all our moms in love with George Clooney, seriously?!

I had some administrative stuff to do this week-end so a Starbucks coffee was in order. These papers/documents/etc. are always so annoying that you definitely need the caffeine if you’re willing to get done with it. Sigh.

I swear I’m not obsessed with food. Not more than everybody else. It’s just that whenever I cook something that look pretty good, I feel like taking it in picture. I’m just so proud lol So here are a few blueberry muffins I made to my family for breakfast. No big deal. I’m not a very good cook yet but I’m training. I really enjoy it.

That’s it for the day. Have a great week all!
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