one first resolution: an early spring cleaning

At the end of the month, I’m moving from my house. This being, I’ve spent the last week-ends cleaning, reorganizing, packing. And this is at this very moment that you realize how much stuff you’ve bought and collectioned over the years. It is insane. Some things you didn’t even remember you had. That’s when I told myself I really had to give away some things.

I am the kind of person who finds it super hard to give away my stuff. Even when I don’t use it anymore, I am attached to everything, giving something away always breaks my heart. So I tend to never give anything and I keep everything. But as I was cleaning, I realized how stupid that was. I realized how all this stuff would make tens of children super happy and how I would not really miss it. Why would I keep things that I never use and that some people could make a way better use of? Consequently, I started packing … things to give to charity. Many books, clothes, games etc. that I don’t really need anymore.

The purpose of my post today is to encourage you to do the same. It’s not because you’re not moving that you can’t dig in your old stuff, find clothes, books, goodies, dvds, anything that you never use anymore and give them for charity. What a better way to start 2012 than by doing a good gesture? If you want this year to be good to you, you will have to be good to others, and this is such a simple way to be.

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