i used to be a big fan of gossip girl books so i read “psycho killer” and this is my review

THING THAT CHANGED FOR THE WORST : Jenny’s boobs are even bigger than in the regular books. I swear. They’re so huge, you can feel them just by reading about them. I feel bad for the girl. THING THAT HASN’T CHANGED: Serena is still a bich. And a slut. THING THAT CHANGED FOR THE BEST: Chuck’s ending. Glorious. Or is it? It’s not book’s Chuck I hate the most, to be honest.

NOW, REAL REVIEW: Basically, it’s your regular Gossip Girl, PLUS the killing, MINUS the good, thrilling story. They don’t buy Chanel bags, they buy expensive knives. Yes, yes, I swear. And it’s not like the “killer” part is THAT-WELL introduced/described. One world: WEIRD. I’m not totally buying it. OKAY, OKAY – it’s not all bad. One glorious moment? A until-death fight at THE MET. Imean, INSIDE the MET. With the museum’s ANTIQUE WEAPONS. O_O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS: At the end, when Blair suddenly rushes for the bathroom, it’s because she has digestion problems. WHAT?! That’s a way like an other to describe an eating disorder, I guess. DUMB-ASS.

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