Steal The Hairstyle: Wavy Hair On One Side

Hey lovelies. I’m trying in vain to not think about Christmas. I have been spending the last two weeks thinking of what I will wear, what make-up I will do and what hairstyle I will go for. I have changed my mind a million times and still haven’t the slightest idea. But my misfortune can be someone else’s luck so I decided to share with you everything I consider(ed) doing. Today is a hairstyle: wavy hair on one side. Super simple yet super classy.

Nina Dobrev at the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards

Lucy Kate Hale at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

How to achieve this look?

1. Comb your hair and apply a protective spray on your hair (like John Frieda’s – I’m addicted this whole products line)
2. Curl your hair starting at the middle of the hair. You want to create very large waves (as in the pictures).
3. Simply put all your hair on one side. You can add hair spray to make it stay in place.

Quite simple, right? I do this hairstyle all the time. It’s ok for pretty much any occasion. I give it less attention when I do it for the day, sticking to natural waves. Everyone seems to love this hairstyle: also seen on Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman, Brittany Snow and more!

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