Christmas Wishlist

Less than 20 days before Christmas. If you’re even half as excited as I am, you must be jumping on your chair right now. Today felt like a great day to share with you my christmas wishlist. I like surprises but I don’t like when someone has put so much efforts and money in a present and in the end it doesn’t make you that happy :( So, I make a super long wishlist of things I’d love to have for Christmas. I know I’m not getting everything, but the fun thing is that it still is a surprise – to a certain extent – because I don’t know what on the list I will get. But I know that whatever they choosed on the list, I will LOVE it!

(none of the following pictures are mine – credit to their respectful owners).

Hot Tools Curling Iron
Well, hot tools actually doesn’t exist in France so, sadly, it won’t be that brand. But I really need a good quality curling iron because the one I have is L.A.M.E.

Photos album
I really need a pictures album in which I can put all my photos. They are so great to go through but I stopped doing them so long ago. So many great things happened to me, I went to so many great places, I just wish I had taken pictures and put everything in an album to I could look back. I’m going to do that now.

Chanel N°5
I need a new perfume because I don’t have any right now (read: I have a hundred bottles but I hate them ALL!). What better perfume for a girl than the classic Chanel N°5?! This question obviously doesn’t require an answer.

The Beauty Book For Brain Cancer
A book full of gorgeous pictures of our fabulous celebs and all the benefits going to charity? I think we found the right gift to both threat ourselves and do good.

Pearls Necklace
I found them so pretty and classy. Not to mention that it’s definitely a “must-have” for any fashionista. I already spotted one that I want SO BAD.

BCBG Max Azria Marin Sequined Wool Cardigan
Isn’t this one so classy? And isn’t the colour lovely? Plus, it’s a short jacket which is great for me since I’m so small. I look ridiculous in normal size jackets.

This one is a bit expensive but I heard it’s awesome so I may consider ordering it.

What have YOU asked for christmas? Do you have any suggestions for great fashion books I could order?

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  1. Great wish list! And the Clarisonic IS worth the hype, just don’t use it every day (even though it says you can).
    Cute blog! I am a heel and sequin lover as well :)

    • Thank you, you’re such a sweetheart <3 I may consider getting Clarisonic the, even though it'll be hard to get it imported. But I appreciate so much that you took the time to comment and tell me that it's worth it :) And I know, you can you not love heels and sequins? I'm in a whole blog-identity crisis right now though, hating what is posted (that should be improved soon, thank god lol) and my name also. i will think about it ;)


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